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Modere Clean Collection

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Modere Clean Collection

Modere Clean Collection

Modere’s newest collection of biodegradable and gray water safe products are tough on dirt, but easy on the environment!  Go here to read about Modere’s testing for gray water safety.  When you go to my website, click on the Experience Tab and then The Latest to read about this and much more.

 Modere is now gray water certified for its Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener and Dish Wash. This means that after using these products, the resulting waste water is safe enough to water your plants – these are the plants grown during the Modere testing!


Modere Dish WashEven the most stubborn of grease is no match for our nontoxic, high-sudsing Dish Wash. Certified as gray water safe, this formula is both strong and environmentally sound.

 us_fabricsoftner_thumbOur nontoxic Fabric Softener is formulated with a potent, plant derived ingredient that is designed to help rid garments of static while keeping them silky soft.

Modere laundry detergent cleanOur biodegradable Laundry Detergent features a unique blend of plant derived surfactants to cleanse clothes without controversial chemicals.

 us_freshspaceDon’t forget to try Modere FreshSpace to freshen up any space. From your couch and kitchen counter to shoes and stale air, it works to destroy odors at their source without controversial chemicals and enjoy the reviving water-lily fragrance with every spray.


Author: robinmymodere

I discovered Modere products and truly believe in them. I love using products that are free of chemicals and that are good for changing!

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