Treat yourself and your special Valentine.  Below is a list of some very special products to surely make you feel amazing!

Happy Hands | The Happy Hands Collection

Nothing is as irresistible as soft, healthy skin, which is why prepping for Cupid’s day with this collection is imperative.

Youthful Glow | Frisky

Keep you and your significant other’s youthful vigor up with a product that will put the youth back into youthful glow.

Head Over Heels Energy | Energy Shot

Valentine’s takes a lot of work: The planning, the cooking or reservations and (of course) the pressure. Keep your energy levels at their peak with Modere’s Energy Shot.

Feelin’ Fresh | Deodorant

Feeling refreshed is key on Cupid’s day, and there’s no better place to start than safe, effective deodorant you can count on.

Hair of a Princess (or Prince) | Repairing Hair Mask

Whether you’re a princess or a prince, our Repairing Hair Mask will give you a mane fit for royalty so you can look your best.

Sparkly Whites for a Special Night | The Fresh Breath Collection

The goodnight kiss will be anything but a miss when you use our Fresh Breath Collection to keep your mouth squeaky clean.

(Healthy) Valentine’s Heart | COQ10

You’ve stolen their heart, now gift them a potent vegan supplement to help support it.

Smooth Face and Moves | The Men’s Shave Collection

There’s no arguing that a smooth face is irresistible. Become a smooth operator with this close shave and invigorating scent.

Love without the Labor | Sports Rub

You’ve been diligent with your fitness regimen to look your best, so make sure this post-workout rub is on-hand to alleviate skin discomfort before the big day.

The (Clean) Love Nest| The Clean and Fresh Collection

Impressing your date with a home-cooked meal isn’t complete without the clean house to match, which is why our Clean and Fresh Collection should be an essential part of your plans.